In The Field Online a complete mobile-powered information system

Approach & Features

Publicado Mar 16, 2011
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In The Field Online is the first holistic approach for a cellphone-powered information system and centralized online data storage developed through community participation. It was inspired by a set of already existing solutions - Ushahidi, FrontlineSMS, INSTEDD and Wordpress. In The Field is the next iteration – simplifying the technology by doing the following:

  1. The centralized online data storage allows organizations to centrally manage the content yet still allows a direct and real-time support and access of the content while carrying out the field work. 
  2. It does not require any internal technical expertise allowing anyone to setup their own cellphone-powered information system. Organizations previously excluded will now be able to setup their own cellphone-powered online entity.
  3. In The Field distributes and collects content via cellphones in a new unique way which allows organizations to focus on their work not the setup of the platform. 
  4. The user experience is a streamlined setup experience not seen in other similar platforms. Setting up the SMS gateway is as simple as installing a cellphone application on your Android phone and clicking the “On” button. 
  5. The interaction with the online information platform is possible even without an Internet connectivity making it perfect for use in rural areas using the novel concept of P2P SMS Networking. Information will instantly be available and will allow users to contribute to the online resource even if lacking in Internet connectivity. 
  6. The platform is seamlessly integrated with Facebook and Twitter, enabling organizations to distribute their content efficiently even without extensive knowledge of best practices in social media.
  7. The platform will include support for micro-donations using the Spot.Us API. In The Field Online will make it possible for donations to be made via a single text-message.