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Publicado Mar 16, 2011
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In the past ten years I have served as an innovator, entrepreneur, and catalyst for projects which require the bridging of old and new knowledge from diverse fields to create simple solutions for humanitarian ends.  My background includes the development of social software for a diverse set of social and community oriented projects - volunteering, non-profits and venture backed. I have also launched several national and international media websites, was the biggest one with more than 11 million visitors. My background in chemical engineering  also provides me with a different lens for applying technology solutions driven by the people who will benefit from that technology.

I created the Web site during the Reuters Digital Vision fellowship at Stanford University, which was recognized by major global media including PBS, CNN and BBC, and got featured on Discovery International’s Rewind 2006 as one of 25 highlights of the Year 2006. I developed a novel approach to distribute text messages from any originating cellphone to a Web application including audio, pictures and video. The software was successfully tested on all continents of the world. The highlight of my work was reached as a result of text-message powered blog covering the conflict in Lebanon July-August 2006. Within a week the blog with cellphone submitted first-hand accounts from the streets of Haifa and Beirut had around 10,000 visitors and reached 100,000 visitors the following week after the international press coverage by CNN and BBC.

In 2007 I helped to raise significant venture funding for, currently the biggest citizen news site on the web. I was the co-founder, vice president of social media and also formed and lead a talented international outsource team – leading and providing technical support for them. I developed the algorithms used for automatic assigning credibility to news reports and also the ranking algorithm. My work at AllVoices has provided me with experience on scalability and building large-scale website projects.

My cumulative diverse experience of taking part in numerous technical projects has made me an ideal fit for this project. I respond quickly to problems by immediately designing a solution using a simple prototype that people can begin to use and build upon through early engagement. I listen, learn and adapt well from watching people use technical solutions to meet their everyday needs. My main goal isn’t the technology; it’s serving people.